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Conference Bloggers

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If you're going to be at the conference and you will be blogging, add your blog to the list! Just start with an asterisk (*) and a space followed by your blog name and URL in brackets.


"Remember to tag your posts with CIL2006 - and your Flickr photos, too!" -- Nancy Garman, InfoToday


From Nancy Garman (ngarman at infotoday dot com)at the Information Today Blog:


If you're going to be at CIL and/or Internet @ Schools East and plan to blog the conference, please drop me an email with your blog name and URL. We'll post a page with links to all the known bloggers from the InfoToday CIL blog -- and you'll get a bright green Blogger ribbon in your badge envelope!




  • Alice in infoland. Alice Yucht. I'm speaking on Friday morning in the ISE track on Really Savvy reSourcery, aka Bloglines for educators.
  • ASIST SIG Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting Nancy Faget. Blogging for the ASIST SIG since there will be fantastic content for the information professional to be highlighted at the conference.
  • blogwithoutalibrary.net - Amanda Etches-Johnson, probably blogging the conference; speaking on Wednesday afternoon & evening & Friday morning.
  • Caveat Lector - Dorothea Salo, just hanging out, may blog if the mood strikes
  • Christina's LIS Rant - Christina Pikas, blogging the conference and speaking on blogs at the conference
  • David Lee King - David King (new blog - used to be Dave's Blog). I'll be speaking Wednesday morning, then hanging around for the rest of the conference.
  • Digitization 101 - Jill Hurst-Wahl, blogging the conference (unofficially). Am speaking at the conference (Wednesday a.m.) and doing a workshop on Saturday afternoon with K. Matthew Dames.
  • e-klumme - Esben Fjord (From Denmark in danish)
  • From Your Science Librarian's Desk - Dongmei Cao. First time at a CIL conference, so excited about this opportunity to learn all the cool things ... will blog about what I learned at CIL06.
  • FutureWire - Brian Pomeroy. I'll be speaking on Friday afternoon and attending all the sessions I can in the meantime. I'm sure I'll find plenty of cool things to blog about...
  • The Industrial Librarian - Dave Hook
  • Infobuzzz -- Jane Dysart, CIL 2006 Conference Chair
  • Genesee Valley BOCES - Gary Sandler
  • Information Wants To Be Free by Meredith Farkas
  • Joyce Valenza's Neverending Search A slow blogger, I'll blog on the way home. Looking forward to connecting with you all!
  • Killin' Time Being Lazy. Laura Pearle. Helping represent/report back to the edubiblioblogosphere.
  • LibraryCrunch - Michael Casey. I'll be speaking Wednesday. Can't wait to be back in DC!
  • Library Tech Bytes - Helene Blowers, another BatC (blogger at conference) attendee not a CB :)
  • Library Underground - Chris Zammarelli (blogger at conference, not conference blogger)
  • Library Voice - Chad Boeninger. I'll be speaking on Wednesday in the Wikis in Action section, and also on Thursday in the Information Literacy and Instruction session.
  • Library Web Chic. Karen Coombs. I'm speaking Wednesday morning plus I'm teaching a post conference workshop on Saturday. I'm looking forward to another fabulous CIL!
  • LITA Blog. Jason A. Clark. Speaking on Wednesday morning, blogging a session or two. See you all in DC.
  • Mermaid - Jenica Rogers, another blogger at the conference rather than conference blogger.
  • Michael - Overthere - Michael Anker (Another danish blog)
  • m00se - Sarah Mercure. Not strictly an all-libraries-all-the-time blogger. Depending on wifi, I'll be blogging the conference
  • Moqub's bibliotheek van dingen - Liesbeth Mantel (From the Netherlands, blogging in Dutch)
  • Online Insider Marydee Ojala, not speaking just blogging (in English)
  • Open Stacks - Greg Schwartz (more a blogger at the conference than a conference blogger)
  • Oitenta e Cinco - Julio Anjos (A student of Information Science & Technology from Portugal)
  • Panlibus - Paul Miller. Due into Washington on the evening of 21 March, along with Talis' CEO. Staying at the conference hotel, and speaking on Friday afternoon about Web 2.0/ Library 2.0 and points in between. Might be good to get some Talking with Talis podcast content around the event, if anyone's interested?
  • ResearchBuzz - Blogging the conference. See you there!
  • Show Daily @ CIL 2006 By the InfoToday Staff & Editors
  • Tech Scout - Judy Hauser, Information Media Consultant. I will try to blog while attending the conference. If not, I will when I get back to work.
  • Transparent Words - Stephanie Salmon. New to blogging so I may lurk more than blog.
  • Travelin' Librarian - Michael Sauers. I'll be presenting the RSS post-conference.
  • What I Learned Today... - Nicole Engard
  • The Beetle's World - Michael Taylor (I'll be moblogging the conference)
  • Tombrarian - Tom Ipri. I'll be taking the Advanced Weblogs workshop on Tuesday and am also presenting on Friday.
  • write - andrea hull. first time attendee, former marylander, almost-finished library grad student at ucla, & still trying to come up with a witty blog title.
  • DJ's - D'Ann Jackson - I'll be blogging while at the conference. I look forward to the conference and being in D.C.!
  • LISNEWS Durst - Christine Carmichael - First-time CIL attendee wishing I had two or three clones. Blogging the conference and hopefully not repeating what everyone else is saying!

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